L.A Downtown: Olvera Street

One cannot visit Downtown Los Angeles without going to Olvera Street. Whether tourist attractions are your thing or not, the feel of this place is definitely something to check out to realize how close California is to the Mexican border.
But before checking out Olvera street, which to me could also be called Little Mexico, there is two building close by that are worth seeing. The first one is the Los Angeles Union Station on North Alameda Street.

Central Station L.A
Union Station L.A

The second great piece of architecture is the U.S. Post Office – Los Angeles Terminal Annex also on N.Alameda Street.

L.A post office

The particularity of Olvera Street is that it’s the oldest part of Los Angeles!

Olvera Street Entrance

Avila Adobe, Oldest house in Los angeles

The size of trees can testify of how old this part of L.A is.

Tree of Life

Of course, the one attraction on Olvera street is its market full of kitsch and traditional Mexican items. The Lucha Libre (wrestling) masks were for instance in almost every booth which I find both funny and scary.

Mexican wrestler masks

Customized guitars El Bandito

I'm a drunk

Olvera street

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